l confess , as a lazy programmer, l always forgot things repeatedly, syntax , usage of the languages ...etc, so this is not actually a book , but a helping note for myself to cure this kind of forgetfulness.

l have a Java programming experience , so this note does assume a prior programming background , but not much.

Since it is a note , l try to make it simple and focus on :

  • Simple presentation style - we don't have time to read a lot , make it simple , stupid !
  • Simple code examples - make concepts easy to grasp.
  • Cookbook style - easy to find forgotten topics.
  • Practical topics - Do some practical topics as examples.

This is a copy cat note, many of the contents here are taken from the web and existing books - with minor changes to make it simple and easy to understand.

l am using Go v1.4.2 for all the examples.

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